Field Notes

The Wonderful Ian Sherwood

On Saturday, we had the pleasure of playing with the wonderful Ian Sherwood at Maxwell’s in Waterloo. I’d never seen him before, but I’d hear about him through a number of friends so naturally I was excited to share the night with him. What a night it was – Ian is a great guy, fine musician and one hell of a sax player. We couldn’t let his chops sit idle while we played our set, so we invited him up to play a few tunes including “Hey Love” linked below. Thanks to Dave Mansell for the awesome video!


To check Ian out, visit his website or follow him on Twitter. You’ll be glad you did.


Matt York Band (feat. Ian Sherwood) Nov 19, 2011 from Maxwell’s Music House on Vimeo.


Interview with CTV’s The Beat

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with CTV’s The Beat to talk about music, travelling, Maxwell’s Music House and the shows that we’ve been doing there on a regular basis since September. It was great of them to have me in and a big thanks goes to Paul Maxwell for the connection.


To view the video, click here and navigate to Part 4 from October 22nd. Sorry, I can’t embed the video directly.


See you guys on the 19th! For all of the show details go here.


It’s been a long time coming.

Well, finally, after a long, long, long bout of less-than-inspiring temporary sites, the new website is finally up. Now that we’ve got a place to call our own on the interweb, I hope it’ll make sharing music, shows, general news about the band and info about what we’re up to a lot easier. We’ve got lyrics posted and tabs for all of our tunes (or at least MOST of the tunes) wil be updated shortly. Thanks again for all of the support! Glad to be back.