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We’ve been band-mates for a few years, but we’ve been buddies for way longer. We’ve been able to play with some awesome musicians like State Radio, G Love and Nikki Yanofsky. Our first show was the recording of a live DVD, which may or may not have been the best move. Either way we’ve been making music together since then and we love it. We also like beer and Aaron Neville impressions.

Photo of Matt York

Matt York

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

While my friends grew up rocking out to Nirvana, I was singing Boyz II Men in shopping malls. I'm part geek, part soul brother and I spend just as much time behind my Mac as I do behind the microphone. I'm a fan of honest music; of songs that make you think, feel and dance and I consider myself fortunate to be where I am. Thanks for listening!

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Photo of Mike Todd

Mike Todd

Vocals, Electric Guitar

The life of the party and one incredible guitar player. We count on “Big Mike” for bringing the rock, laying down the soul and for his signature “ohhh yeeeah”.

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Photo of Scott Galloway

Scott Galloway

Vocals, Keys, Organs

Purveyor of fine tones and a master of arrangement. Scott lays it down on the keys in a way that would make Herbie smile. A purist in every sense of the word, but one who’s mission is to make things sound better, and to that we say “yes please”.

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Photo of Jaret Koop

Jaret Koop

Vocals, Bass

Quiet (sometimes), reserved (rarely) and known well for his legendary “air clap”, Jaret’s killer voice and never-ending quest to push the low-end envelope is welcomed and embraced. Except when it’s ridiculous. Then we ignore him.

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Photo of Ben Rollo

Ben Rollo

Vocals, Drums, Percussion

He just looks so happy, doesn’t he? Well, we’re the ones who are happy after playing with this monster. With an amazing appreciation for music and an understanding of what will help us “bring it” every show, Ben lays down some of the heaviest beats known to man us and lots of other people.

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